Water-resistant | 100% hypoallergenic | Made of only precious metals

Recyclable materials ♻

Our products are made of 925 Sterling Silver and plated with 18K Gold.

That means our jewels are made with only precious metals! ✨

Water-resistant and hypoallergenic, these jewels will soon become your everyday life companions.

Last but not least: all our pieces are made with environnment friendly materials and are recyclable ♻

About us

We believe jewels are an expression of art and a way to express our feelings.

We wanted to design jewels which can be perceived as elegant, inspiring, sometimes fun or just cute, that can provide confidence, to glow up your day and accompany you in your everyday life.

One of our mission is to bring luxury and quality products to everyone by providing fine materials at a very affordable price.



Our products are made with only precious metals: silver & gold.

That means you don’t have to worry about allergies since these metals are hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skins, and neither about rusting: our jewels are water-resistant and can be worn all day long, even in the shower (heads up anyway with the use of perfume or cosmetics which can be corrosive to the metals, even the precious ones!).

Also, our products are manufactured through an environmental friendly process, in a protective approach to the environment and raw materials, a key point to us.

Indeed, silver and gold are both eco-friendly materials which can be recycled and re-used time after time.


Our story

JŌIA was created by our founder, a French parisian lawyer who settled in Miami some years ago and decided to follow the passion she had for jewelry making and build her own brand.

French inspired, the models of our collections are a reflection of European elegance and fashion.

We hope you enjoy your journey into our JŌIA world!

Feel free to reach our team with any question or suggestions you might have, we would be happy to help and chat with you!